Established in Maryland in 2003, Stronghold Security LLC’s mission is to provide our clients with a complete suite of security solutions in the security personnel, security surveillance, and investigation arenas. Most organizations have assets (i.e., staff, facilities, and information) which are crucial to their existence. We help our clients protect and preserve those assets, through our security services and strategic deployment of solutions.


Stronghold Security, LLC is a Security solution and Investigative firm based in the Baltimore, Maryland. We are committed to the delivery of viable solutions for the protection of our client’s assets, staff, materials and facilities. These very solutions are tailored for the present and future security requirements of our clients. We supply objective recommendations with thorough reviews and assessments. Our goal is to help our clients to simply protect what matters most. 

Security Personnel

  • Uniformed Security Officers for Facility and Asset Protection / Armed and Unarmed Security in accordance with Homeland Security preparedness
  • Discrete Security Personnel, Executive Protection and Event Security Personnel
  • Site Surveys and Facility Threat Assessments

Security Solutions: Systems & Services

  • CCTV Analog & Digital (IP) Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Evaluations/Assessments Aimed at Risk Mitigation


  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigations
  • Private Investigations
  • Pre-Employment Background Investigations
  • Process Service and Litigation Support
  • .

Corporate Commitment:

Our Commitment to outstanding customer service area is our keystone. We strive to be responsive to our client’s calls for service, and to be exceptionally efficient in the way we render client services. In essence we nurture our customer relationships to build confidence and the resulting business. Our commitment to customer service includes:

  • Remaining responsive and communicative to our Clients
  • Assuring Quality of Services
  • Providing Efficiency in the Solutions,
  • Sensitive to our Customer’s needs and relationships.
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We deliver professional solutions with expert results

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